Sunday, September 12, 2010

A few minor tweaks and it's not so bad....

Day #7 and no one had died. That's a big surprise to McKenna who honestly didn't think she could live without her laptop. But she hasn't even mentioned it for 4 days. Kids don't miss the Wii, the TV is no longer the background noise...except for right now, but it's the Redskins game so it's OK for now :). We did bring back the dishwasher.....praise God!
Not having all these "distractions" has given me so many ideas and also allowed me to spend more important time with McKenna who with being the oldest gets one on one time the least of the three.
One thing we are focusing on is teaching the kids the importance of "service." This last week we really talked about "serving" in the home. So the kids have been doing chores and marking them off on a sheet. McKenna is earning money, and now is expected to pay for ANYTHING she needs and wants. Today she went to Target to get a few things and ended up spending $38. She was in shock how fast little things add up. What an incredible lesson to teach! So as soon as we got home she starting doing chores like crazy to make up for the money she spent. I LOVE IT!
I had an idea for Sophie and Kyle to make chores a little more fun, it's called Chore Tic-Tac-Toe. The kids have a sheet that looks like a Tic-Tac-Toe board with 9 different chores on it. They get to pick 3 and earn stickers on the three they pick to win Tic-Tac-Toe! Everyone wins with this game. I will post a picture, it's great for ages 3-8 year old!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


You talk about a 360!

Yesterday was so NOT what I thought it would be, and today? PERFECTION! During the day I felt like I had more time to work and play with Kyle, and less "wasted time." The biggest difference I noticed was after school. The kids came home and did their chores and snack like normal, then Kenna and I just sat at the kitchen table doing her homework, and Lonnie, Sophie, and Kyle played Memory. Then every once in awhile Lonnie and I would trade, he would help Kenna with homework, and I would play memory with the kids. I am so surprised by Sophie's memory. She whooped me like 10 to 1!
Normally, we would have the TV on in the back ground, or Kenna would have an ipod in her ears. But there was interaction, laughing, and what I love is the quietness....and the fact Lonnie helped me make dinner!
Lonnie went to Kenna's middle school open house, and Kyle and Sophie worked like this amazing team, bringing toys down from the gameroom to play together. They helped me fold laundry, pure bliss.
With no TV at night Lonnie spent some time studying for his big test, and I held a powerhour (work thing) with my team and was able to get some training written for my upcoming business trip to Maine, Connecticut, and Boston.
It's SOOOOO peaceful. I could totally be Amish. OK, maybe not, but I like this!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 1

No, I won't post everyday, but I will when something cool or not so cool happens. Tonight we...ok I introduced the family to "60 Days" needless to say it didn't really go the way I had planned. For some reason I just knew Lonnie would jump for joy at the chance to spend more time with me and less watching Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods, but I was very wrong. We did work out an agreeable Football watching schedule.
The kids took it much better than I thought, although Sophie did want to know "where" I put the Wii, I pretty sure this will be one of the first things to come out when I leave for my business trip next week. Kyle is totally good with everything, and McKenna is a little concerned about life without a laptop.
Along with the 60 days, Lonnie and I are reading the book called "Five signs of a Loving Family" the first being "An Attitude of Service" and WOW, what a start. Tonight the family talked about what "service" "work" "attitude" and "conflict" all mean and how why each of them are important.
We played a game called " I really appreciate that!" Where a member of the family says, "I serve ______ by ______. Then the family member that they were talking about says, " I REALLY appreciate that!" I know it sounds cheesy and a little predicable, but it was really neat to hear what they felt they did to serve us and each other. I loved it!! I did learn, family night needs to be "learning time" 15 minutes TOPS, "fun time" the rest of the time.
Well, one day down, looking forward to tomorrow. :)

Well, here we go.....

My family is about to embark on an exciting adventure...

I have named it "60 days" where we will go 60 days with no Wii, no ipods, no laptops, no facebook, no tv (Lonnie has worked a deal about NFL football) and drum dishwasher, in our house!! We are going to refocus our time on God, our Family, Friends and also be better Leaders in our Careers. I am hoping through this whole process it will teach both Lonnie and I to slow down and enjoy every moment. Even those moments where we are working doing what we love, which is helping others.

I know you think this is some punishment on my family in a crazy "Jerry Maguire" memo moment, but it's not. When thinking of my values in life, I realized that there were so many distractions keeping me from enjoying my spiritual life, my marriage, my family, and even my work! And, those distractions or so called "conveniences" have really just made people want to do more (all at one time) and have more (STUFF.)

I will be blogging about this whole experience, to be able to look back at changes we made, and the difference in day 1 vs. day 56. So I am pretty pumped! Family not so pumped right now. But I can't wait to see what the next 60 days bring!

I will not be on facebook so please send any messages to or feel free to call or stop by!! :)